We commit to

  • the successful implementation of the Employment Equity Act No 55 of 1998.
  • eliminate discrimination based on race, gender, pregnancy, marital status, family responsibility, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, political opinion, culture, language and HIV status.
  • establish a decentralized Equity steering committee representing all the categories of the employees as foreseen by the Act.

‌  Are Direng boasts a solid black empowerment & youth credentials. It is 100% black owned and its management and administration are however not based on colour bar.

‌‌  We will empower other black / disabled owned companies or close corporation by sub-contracting them to our close corporation or purchasing from them.

‌   Are Direng support affirmative action & aims to provide an ongoing training of staff in excess of SETA requirements. We create a stable working environment for all people.

‌  The close corporation’s strategic innovation & commitment to service will enable Are Direng to be price competitive & claim its position as market leader.


We endeavor to provide our clients and customers with timeous, accurate and affordable services at all time.


To be an excellent company rendering high quality and innovative services in the business sector.